Six ideation pointers to overcome innovative block while working from domestic

Kaylee Alexa
3 min readJul 14, 2020


Final week, i discovered myself in a chunk of a creative lull. I was feeling a touch bit flat and overwhelmed however i had 3 customers to ideate for. I was operating from domestic, as many of have for the previous couple of weeks, and i’d set apart a while to ideate and brainstorm ideas for new campaigns. I had my laptop in front of me, emails and slack became off, and an array of coloured gel pens at the geared up, but it simply wasn’t occurring. I’ll admit, i’m now not the most creative character on the Digital Marketing Agency London pr & content crew — what am i able to say, we all have our personal component! But operating from home made me realise that my high-quality ideas truly do come within the presence of my colleagues. With this in thoughts, as i achieve this frequently, i determined to name upon the understanding of my fantastic crew to invite for a few suggestions, and from this a slack thread emerged bursting with suggestions and hints to help me get in a greater creative space in a time whilst, allow’s face it, it’s easy to be distracted.

1. Take a wreck

No matter how lengthy you sit at your table, in case you’re in a bit bit of a funk, it’s not going to happen. Have a little stroll (even supposing it’s around your property), shake it off and try to come back with a clean outlook.

2. Begin with the information

It can be clearly hard simply to give you an concept out of nowhere. Attempt taking a have a look at numerous facts resources and sets to see if you may then ideate across the records you’ve found.

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3. Take concept from someplace else

As an instance, mark porter’s month-to-month publication ‘content material curated’ highlights some of the excellent campaigns in virtual pr and shares topical goings-on inside the industry, so make certain to subscribe for monthly inspo. Web sites like pudding also can be a super region to start that creative system, or why not attempt pulling up some key topics the use of a topic generator.

4. Comply with fine news too

Working in pr approach we have to have tabs on each issue of the news, however take time to virtually examine via some fantastic news testimonies inside your client’s quarter — not only does this assist you accumulate more statistics, however it would spark a random, out of doors-the-field idea off for your head. You could additionally use websites like information now and filter out by means of quarter or subject matter to make sure you’re no longer too overwhelmed.

5. Make it fun

Try getting creative, Digital Marketing Agency Leeds usage of submit-it notes, coloured pens (wild, i recognize), and attempt brainstorming on paper as opposed to on line. It’s also important to get exterior and far from your work setup — it’ll help activate the innovative a part of your mind and get the ones juices flowing. Being attentive to your favorite track/podcast can also be a fantastic way to get into the region when arising with thoughts.

6. Create a pre-research doc

A exquisite way to spark a few seed thoughts is to create a pre-research file. This includes articles, datasets and issues referring to a consumer. It is able to be an clean starting point and a very good foundation for similarly studies and dialogue.

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